2019 MAFSI Foodservice Industry Market Forecast Report 

MAFSI Reps Forecast +3.4% Increase in Overall Sales for 2019

A big thank you to the 47% of MAFSI Reps reporting for this year's 2019 Foodservice Industry Market Forecast. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support for this report, which has fast become a leading industry indicator.

In MAFSI, there is absolutely no limit to what can be accomplished when so many talented professionals join together. Simply put, there is power in numbers.

This in-depth, member-only, forecast covers all of the data points and trends...helping both you, our reps, and our manufacturers more accurately predict the future of business, and (hopefully) help to set reasonable goals and quotas for 2019.

In addition to forecasts for Equipment, Supplies, Tabletop and Furniture and Janitorial and Sanitation both nationally and regionally, we include Product Equipment Sub-Categories Sales Forecast both nationally and regionally for:

  • Primary Cooking
  • Refrigeration & Ice Machines
  • Storage & Handling
  • Serving
  • Food Preparation
  • Bar & Beverage Equipment
  • Warewashing Equipment
  • Ventilation
  • Janitorial & Sanitation Equipment
  • Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies
  • Disposables

The report also includes fastest growing segments, rep investment plans for 2019 as well as reports and forecasts from SpecPath, Foodservice Equipment Reports, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Ashton Foodservice Consulting and Clarity M&A, Foodservice and Hospitality, Restaurants Canada, Technomic, and AutoQuotes for sharing their data and expertise in our forecast report.

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MAFSI Foodservice Business Barometer Surveyalt


How's business? That’s the magic question that begins most conversations between business partners be it rep to rep, rep to factory, rep to dealer, or rep to end-user.

For years MAFSI had discussed the best way to provide the industry with clear sales information. One of our goals has always been to provide an accurate picture of how business is doing.

In 2002, we instituted the MAFSI Business Barometer Survey, a quarterly survey that has become a leading economic indicator in the foodservice industry with an inside look at regional and national sales trends and forecast for equipment, supplies, tabletop, furniture and janitorial and sanitation lines.

In addition to quarterly sales percentage changes for Equipment, Supplies, Tabletop, Furniture and Janitorial & Sanitation both nationally and regionally, the survey also measures Product Equipment Sub-Categories Sales Forecast both nationally and regionally for:


Equipment: Food Preparation Equipment, Primary Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration & Ice Machines, Serving Equipment, Storage & Handling Equipment, Ventilation, Warewashing & Sanitation Equipment

Supplies: Bar Supplies, Buffetware, Can Openers, Cleaning Tools, Colanders, Cookware, Cutting Boards, Knives/Cutlery Blocks/Sharpeners, Menu/Message Boards, Mixing Bowls, Pans, Storage, Textiles (Kitchen), Utensils (Kitchen)

Tabletop: Baskets, Beverage Pitchers/Servers, Buckets (Ice & Wine), Candle Holders/Lamps, Candle & Chafing Fuel, Carafes/Decanters, Chafers, Covers, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware/Stemware, Menu Covers, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Serving Bowls/Plates, Servingware, Trays, Tray Stands

Furniture: Baby-Changing Stations, Bars (Stationary & Mobile), Benches, Booths, Cabinets, Chairs, Coat Racks, Drive Through Windows, Lamps (Dining/Table), Signs, Patio/Outdoor Heaters, Railings & Railings Fittings, Stools, Tables, Table Bases, Table Cloths, Umbrellas

New! Janitorial & Sanitation: Air Blowers/Carpet Dryers, Air Filtration Equipment, Bathroom Stall Doors, Cabinet Bases, Dehumidifying Equipment, Drain Pipes, Eye Wash Stations, Faucets and Faucet Systems, Pressure Washing Systems, Restroom Partitions/Stalls, Floor Scrubbers, Sinks, Toilets, Toilet Flushing Systems, Urinals, Waste Compactors, Waste Disposal Systems


Primary Cooking Equipment: Braising Pans, Broilers, Charbroilers, Cook-Chill Systems, Fryers, Griddles, Grills, Oil Filtration Systems, Ovens, Panini Grills, Pasta Cookers, Ranges, Rice Cookers, Smokers, Steamers, Tilting Skillets, Toasters

Refrigeration & Ice Machines: Air Curtains, Blast Chillers, Coolers, Doors, Drop-In Pan Chillers, Freezers, Ice Cream Cabinets, Ice Machines, Refrigeration, Refrigeration Compressors, Condensers & Evaporators, Slush/Smoothie Machines, Soft-Serve Ice Cream/Yogurt Machines, Water Filter Systems

Storage & Handling Equipment: Bins, Bus/Tote Boxes, Cabinets, Carts, Conveyor Systems, Covers, Dispensers (non-food), Dollies, Food & Ingredient Canisters & Containers, Hand Trucks/Utility Trucks, Racks, Receiving Scales, Shelving, Tables (Standard Work Tables not Custom Fabricated) (Bakers, Cooks, Makeup, Prep, Etc.)

Serving Equipment: Beverage Dispensers, Carving Stations, Coffee Equipment, Food Dispensers, Food Shields, Merchandisers, Salad Bars/Tabletop Food Bars, Serving/Buffet Lines, Serving Carts, Soup Kettles/Servers, Steam Tables/Hot-Food Tables/Bain Marie, Tea Brewers, Warmers

Food Preparation Equipment: Blenders, Breaders, Bread Slicers, Choppers (Dicers, Graters, Peelers, Non-Bread Slicers), Dough Preparation Equipment, Food Processors, Juice Extractors/Juicing Equipment, Meat Saws, Meat Tenderizers/Marinators, Mixers, Mixer Stands & Tables, Popcorn Carts/Machines, Salad/Vegetable Washers & Dryers, Scales, Slicers, Thermometers/Temperature Monitoring, Timers

Ventilation: Appliance Connectors, Grease/Exhaust Filters, Grease Interceptors, Fire Suppression Systems/Fire Extinguishers, HVAC - Exhaust Systems, Fans, Utility Distribution Systems, Ventilation & Hoods

Warewashing Equipment: Booster Heaters, Can Washers, Drainboards, Faucets/Spray Units/Washers/Hoses, Flatware-Handling/Recovery Systems, Floor Troughs & Drains, Pulpers & De-Water Equipment, Racks (Warewashing/Dishwashing Racks), Sinks, Tables (Dish), Warewashing/Dishwashing Machines

New! Janitorial & Sanitation Equipment: Air Blowers/Carpet Dryers, Air Filtration Equipment, Bathroom Stall Doors,  Brooms, Dusts Mops, etc., Brushes (Equipment Cleaning Brushes, Scouring Pads, etc.),Cabinet Bases, Dehumidifying Equipment, Restroom Partitions/Stalls, Floor Scrubbers, Mops, Buckets & Pails, Odor Control Chemicals & Devices, Paper Towel Dispensers, Soaps and Hand Sanitizers Dispensers, Stall Storage Systems, Toilet Paper and Sanitary Dispensers, Waste Bins & Recycling Containers

New! Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies: Baby Changing Stations, Brooms, Dusts Mops, etc., Brushes (Equipment Cleaning Brushes, Scouring Pads, etc.), Can & Bottle Crushers, Carpet Sweepers, Vacuums, Floor & Carpet Care Products, Carts (Janitorial), Cloths Microfiber, Drainboards, Hand Dryers, Mats (Anti-Fatigues, Bar, Rubber, etc.), Mops, Buckets & Pails, Odor Control Chemicals & Devices, Paper Towel Dispensers, Soaps and Hand Sanitizers, Soap Dispensers, Stall Storage Systems, Toilet Paper and Sanitary Dispensers, Waste Bins & Recycling Containers

New! Disposables: Disposable: Catering Trays and Serving Ware, Cloths Non-Woven, Concession Food Bags, Eco-Friendly Cups, Bowls, Flatware, Lids and Plates, Deli Food Safety Labels, Food Trays & Lids, Foam Food Cups, Bowls and Plates, Gloves, Garbage Bags, Paper Napkins, Paper Cups, Lids and Plates, Place mats (Disposable), Plastic Bar ware, Plastic Cups, Plates and Lids, Plastic Flatware, Take-Out Containers, Trash Can Liners

Click here for a sample: MAFSI Q314 Foodservice Business Barometer Survey.

There is no one else in this industry better able to provide this information than the rep, the people who live and breathe it across the country every day. The purpose of this one-of-a-kind survey is to share – not only with MAFSI – but with other industry partners and associates how the industry fared last quarter and projected consumer confidence for this quarter.

The Business Barometer is firmly entrenched at the top of the foodservice "need to know" information. Cited in industry and national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Foodservice Equipment Reportsand Foodservice Equipment & Supplies as well as industry newsletters, e-blasts and trend/forecast presentations, the data is highly credible and sought after.

Additionally, the Barometer is a tool for our rep members to have the necessary data required to negotiate future quotas and bonus plans with manufacturers. This survey is also a benchmark for all of us to gauge our own business activity and growth.

MAFSI Business Barometer Quarterly Reports

The Barometer is a valuable sales management tool for several reasons:

  1. The survey is consistent from quarter to quarter and measures trends.
  2. Our format shows that differences exist from region to region.
  3. We break down the market into its sub-components of equipment, supply, tabletop, furniture and janitorial & sanitation as well as equipment sub-categories of primary cooking, refrigeration & ice machines, storage & handling, serving, food preparation, warewashing, ventilation, janitorial & sanitation equipment, janitorial & sanitation supplies and disposables. 
  4. MAFSI reps are hired by our manufacturers for their local market expertise and the Barometer is a tool for all reps to understand the pulse of their territories.
  5. The Barometer is a tool indicator for establishing performance appraisals and consensus quotas for reps and sales managers.

The MAFSI Business Barometer results are sent to all MAFSI members, as well as industry publications and national news outlets each quarter.


2018 MAFSI Business Barometer Survey Dates

Quarter:                                    Sent to Reps:         Due:              Released:

Q1  - Jan 1 - Mar. 31                  Apr. 10                    Apr. 30           week of May 15

Q2 - Apr. 1 – Jun. 30                 Jul. 10                     Jul. 31             week of Aug. 15

Q3 - Jul. 1 – Sept. 30                Oct. 10                    Oct. 31            week of Nov. 15

Q4 - Oct. 1 – Dec. 31                Jan. 8                     Jan. 31            week of Feb. 15


“From a sales and operations perspective, accurate forecasting and benchmarking is extremely important, however, also very difficult to obtain. The quarterly MAFSI Business Barometer is reported by the reps – those closest to the end users, consultants and dealers – and has become one of our most valued and trusted planning tools.” – Tom Szafranski, Former President, ITW FEG Commercial Sales

“Whether for current conditions or future forecast about the foodservice equipment and supplies business, the MAFSI Business Barometer is the most dependable and accurate indicator we’ve found. It’s real information from true professionals who know the foodservice business.” - Dean Landeche, Former Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, Manitowoc Foodservice

“The MAFSI Business Barometer is truly the industry's leading indicator of foodservice equipment and supplies sales. It is an invaluable tool for benchmarking performance on a national, regional and product segment basis. Additionally it provides essential information for developing business and sales plans. The Barometer is a great service to everyone in our industry.” - Jim Reid, CFO, SEFA

“I look forward to receiving the MAFSI Business Barometer report each quarter. It has proven to not only be a valuable benchmark for past performance but also a key leading indicator of future business. The recent expansion into equipment subcategories provides the improved granularity our business demands. I appreciate the closer tie to the NAFEM Size and Shape of the Industry Study as it simplifies the alignment of data.” - Mike Ward, Foodservice Marketing Manager, InterMetro Industries

For Rep Members:
What data do I need in order to participate in the Barometer?

It is critically important that this information - which is sent to everyone in the industry - is precise. That's why we need all rep firms to participate in this survey every quarter. For MAFSI to truly measure the marketplace as accurately as possible its imperative we have all responses from our agencies. The information you provide is always confidential.

Here is the information you need to take the survey:

  • Sales for the past quarter vs. sales for that quarter last year.
  • Projected overall sales for the upcoming quarter vs. sales for the same quarter last year.

MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey

altThe purpose of the MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey is to provide credible industry data for the foodservice rep agency. This data and the final report will help an individual organization see national industry trends, understand how they compare to others in similar organizations or geography as they move forward within the industry to improve processes and outcomes.

A Few Examples of What the MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey Measures:

  • Annual Sales
  • Annual Gross Agency Sales
  • # of Lines
  • Average # of Employees and Inside vs. Outside Sales Personnel
  • Rep Compensation Programs and Healthcare Benefits
  • Average Commission Rate
  • Rep Firm Expense Ratios

Benchmarks are critical for rep firms as we constantly strive for improved processes and results within our organizations to meet the needs of our manufacturers and customers.

MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey

The MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey is only available to MAFSI Rep FirmPrincipal members.

If you would like access to the MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey but are not a MAFSI member join today by clicking on Rep Membership or Manufacturer Membership.

Customer Service Survey for Rep Firms

MAFSI's Rep Customer Service Satisfaction Survey is a tool designed to help rep agency principals to custom survey their customers easily and effectively MAFSI will custom design a survey (or you can use a pre-designed template) complete with your company logo and your questions. With MAFSI Custom Surveys you’ll receive critical feedback that will help make important decisions. You will receive your results with live graphs and charts and be able to dig down to get individual responses.

Cost is $500. Order a Customer Satisfaction Survey or email [email protected].

The Rep Customer Satisfaction Survey allows you to:

  • Get ongoing, actionable feedback
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Learn customer preferences
  • Uncover new ideas
MAFSI Rep Firm Customer Satisfaction Survey

What MAFSI members are saying about the Rep Customer Satisfaction Survey:

“We asked about inside and outside sales, customer service, and our total value in our marketplace. I was not only thrilled with the responses but the survey verified some things I felt needed change in my rep firm. It is the best tool to get quick answers.” - Ed Pecinka, Pecinka Ferri Associates

"We were astounded with the results we received doing our first MAFSI custom survey.We had a 45% response which is outstanding and the comments that came back from our dealers confirmed that we have work to do to stay as one of the top rep groups in Canada.The comments that came back were constructive and well prepared and we can make changes based on them. The comments that help us determine that we are on top of our game was the fact that most indicated that no rep group or manufacturer had done such a survey in our territory and that our company was on the leading edge because of it." - Danny Collis, Collis Group Inc.

"As the owner of a rep agency it is difficult to have the pulse of every customer we serve. I would like to believe that Kain-McArthur, Inc. is the best representative in the territory we cover. How would I know that? How can I measure our inside sales group? Our outside sales group? Are our marketing efforts worthwhile? Are we meeting or exceeding our customer expectations? How would I know with out asking my customers? It’s a scary thought! I think most organizations are afraid to ask the hard questions.
Kain-McArthur, Inc. sent out our second confidential MAFSI customer service survey and was pleasantly surprised on how our customers felt about our customer service levels. Although most were very positive we found a few results that challenged us. That is what the survey is for! If you are not constantly asking or measuring “how can we continue to improve,” you are falling behind. I shared the results with everyone in my organization at a quarterly meeting. It gave us insight into the things we do well, and the few things we should improve. I would argue that you can’t afford not to find out how your customer really feels.” - Kelly McArthur, Kain-McArthur Inc.

Sales Meeting Survey for Manufacturers

In recognition of the time and money that you invest in national sales meetings, MAFSI has developed a tool to help you have the most successful sales meeting ever! By sending the Successful Sales Meeting survey to your reps before your next sales meeting, sales managers will gain valuable feedback, motivate their sales form and create a synergy among reps and principals. Because your reps answer the survey anonymously, you’ll receive critical feedback to help your management team develop agenda items and make important decisions.

With more tasks on their plates than ever before, many manufacturers could benefit from this streamlined, no-fail survey that doesn't require them to reinvent the wheel. Survey questions cover four main topics and questions are completely customizable:

  • Competition
  • Product Offering
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service

Find out who your competitors are, how to improve your position in the market, how to improve customer service and training and much more!

Cost is $500. Order a Sales Meeting Survey or email [email protected].

MAFSI Sales Meeting Survey for Manufacturers

Rep Council Survey for Manufacturers

MAFSI's Rep Council Survey is a tool designed to help manufacturers gather information from your reps about the topics and issues your sales force believes are important. Let MAFSI custom-design a survey (or you can use a pre-designed template) complete with your company logo and your questions and send it to your reps before your next Rep Council Meeting. Because your reps answer the survey anonymously,you’ll receive critical feedback to help your management team develop agenda items and make important decisions. You will receive your results with live graphs and charts and be able to dig down to get individual responses.

Cost is $500. Order a Rep Council Survey or email [email protected].

MAFSI Rep Council Survey for Manufacturers

Tips On Holding A Successful Rep Council

When properly managed a successful rep council can supply a wealth of information to a manufacturer. The first thing a manufacturer should ask when considering the creation of a rep council is: What do I expect my rep council to accomplish?

The whole idea of having a rep council is to achieve positive interaction -- the working together to achieve common goals. Until this question is asked and answered, all the procedural planning in the world will simply serve as window dressing.

MAFSI’s Rep Council Survey can help manufacturers conduct more productive rep council meetings, with open and honest answers. The survey is a tool designed to help you gather information from your reps about the topics and issues your sales force believes are important. Survey questions are completely customizable allowing you to receive critical feedback that will help your management team develop agenda items and make important decisions. The survey also includes your company logo and all you have to provide is your contact list. You will receive your results with live graphs and charts and will also be able to dig down to get individual responses.

A good rep council meeting should:

  • Create an atmosphere of good will.
  • Not duplicate a sales meeting.
  • Help both manufacturer and reps set meaningful goals.
  • Resolve complaints.
  • Follow-up on agreed upon actions.
  • Communicate results

What MAFSI manufacturers are saying about the Rep Council Survey: “The rep council is a partnership between the manufacturer and the representative. The rep brings valuable insight from the heartbeat of the marketplace. The council is an open and honest dialogue creating strategic direction, improvements and profitability for both parties. If you would like to learn more about your representatives’ views and rep councils I suggest you contact MAFSI and ask about their rep survey.” -Gary Rupp, Lang Manufacturing

"With MAFSI's support, we created a survey that provided a statistically significant response in very short time-frame. The feedback was consistent with our strategic direction and conducted in a manner that solicited feedback on industry trends and dialog that will assist us in our upcoming Rep Council." -Ken Gallagher, T&S Brass

“The Pitco Frialator-MagiKitch’n sales plan for 2005 included a rep council meeting. As always, we utilize this meeting as a great two-way communication vehicle for both our management and our sales representatives. But, as usual, the agenda was somewhat incomplete and we were looking for ways to strengthen it. The suggestion was made by one of the rep participants to utilize the “MAFSI Survey Program.” As this sounded like a strong idea, it was pursued. The results were outstanding. This survey was totally handled by MAFSI, with complete confidentiality, and allowed not only reps council members, but all of our reps and internal support personnel to offer opinions and suggestions on how to improve “our” business. The results of the survey allowed us to set a good road map for our meeting, while acting as a facilitator to control the direction of the meeting. This MAFSI service allowed Pitco to have its most successful meeting to date, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their communications with their reps and their overall business.” -Thomas Cassin, Pitco Frialator-MagiKitch’n

Questions? Please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or [email protected].