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It's time to make quoting easier than ever.

If you’re a rep subscribed to SpecPath, you’re a fan of time-saving features. If you’re ready to work even faster, SpecQuote is the integration you’ve been waiting for.

Launched in January 2020, SpecQuote is a trailblazing new integration for reps that transfers your project data automatically and securely from SpecPath into AutoQuotes.

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Faster Quoting.

SpecQuote securely transfers your SpecPath project data directly into AQ so when it’s time to build a quote, all of your project items, brands, models, accessories, and details will be ready and waiting in AQ.

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Less Manual Entry

Project Data Transferred Automatically from SpecPath to AutoQuotes: Items, Brands, Models, Consultants, Dealers, Accessories, Mini Spec, Project Updates, Credit information, Intuitive item-by-item comparison feature  ensuring accuracy.


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I had the inside track on being able to be a tester for Spec Quote before it became available to a wider audience. As an inside-salesperson who spends the majority of my day quoting, this product helped to reduce the time spent quoting, and the time spent reading through specs. With Spec Path and Spec Quote working hand in hand, it has freed up time that I would have otherwise spent reading hundreds of pages of specs.
Maureen Carcione Headshot - Elevate Foodservice Group
Maureen Carcione
Director of Operations, Elevate Foodservice Group
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SpecQuote has without a doubt saved us time when quoting bid projects. SpecQuote has without a doubt saved us time when quoting bid projects. Automatically populating fields helps insure clean and accurate data. Bringing in the spec path fields is also helpful for us to see while in AQ.
MItch Marcotte
Mitch Marcotte
Owner, Elevate Foodservice Group
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SpecQuote has been a seamless integration here at Eaton Marketing and I would highly recommend this new feature. The team at SpecQuote does a great job getting the projects uploaded and available for viewing within mostly 24 hours (48 hours max). Once the project gets uploaded into AQ it saves a significant amount of time by leaving you with the responsibility of just adding the specified accessories to each item. If you are still undecided, I would look into signing up for SpecQuote's free trial period. This way you can see for yourself how this works and can be an asset for your company like it was for us at Eaton Marketing.


Ryan Zabel - Eaton-Marketing
Ryan Zabel
Inside Sales, Eaton Marketing
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The SpecQuote Program has been very efficient in increasing my overall work production. I was somewhat skeptical on my initial introduction into the program. I am definitely a fan. 
Rosemarie Troina-Eaton-Marketing-15-of-25
RoseMarie Troina
Inside Sales, Eaton Marketing

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AQ SpecQuote pricing is calculated on a per user per month basis.  When you sign up for SpecQuote with AQ, you are able to choose which of your users will have access to the SpecQuote tab in AQ.

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