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Introducing Smartphone Video Workshop

Over the last several years, the most important call-to-action button in sales and marketing has been the video play button.

Reps and manufacturers, now more than ever need to develop their digital footprints. This has been especially true in the past year as digital has become the vehicle of neccesity.

This is why we teamed with industry-leading producer/director, Dave Hudson, D. Hudson Productions, to give you the tools, resources and know-how to create high-conversion videos.

And, at just $349 per company, it's affordable too.

Smartphone Video Workshop

Smartphone Video Workshop covers main topics such as filming videos starring your chef, and also starring you. We also cover the proper gear, scriptwriting, on-camera delivery, editing and post production.

Additional Chapters Include:

Contact Us - Talk Bubbles-01
Learn the how to master storytelling.
Announcement Icon 2-01
Delivering Your Lines
Learn these simple steps to be better on camera.
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Using a Teleprompter
Learn how to perfect your on-camera delivery.
Success - Mountain-01
The Rule of Thirds
Draw the viewer's eye to the important part of the video.
SpecPath - Spec Dest Orig 3-01
The 3 Types of Video
Three is the magic number for foodservice videos.

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