You've made the technology investments

Now, it’s time for your rep firm to be recognized.

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Technology equals productivity.

Since 2001, MAFSI has promoted and publicly recognized MTC rep firms for their technology investments in hardware, software, and training. These standards enable businesses to simplify practices, reduce expenses, and compete more effectively in an increasingly complex and competitive world. MTC helps MAFSI reps be more productive.
Obtaining MTC is an ongoing commitment to professional and technological growth. Rep firms holding the MTC designation are committed to technology and the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.
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Make your technology investments pay off.

MTC identifies an agency as a business and technology leader in regard to efficiency, efficacy, and organization of operations. You have made those investments to streamline your business; now it’s time to be recognized.
Manufacturers and customers want reassurance their sales and marketing professionals hold a commitment to the technological skillset required to move their business further.

The certification program provides an industry benchmark by offering technology guidelines for agencies. It provides manufacturers with a clearer understanding of how rep firm investments in technology have enhanced their market position.
MTC Checklist

Get the requirements.

Simply print this form and use it around your office to capture any required information
so you can quickly input the data online OR upload your completed checklist and skip filling out the online form!


MTC Checklist

How to Apply for MTC

Follow the steps below to start your MAFSI Technology Certification journey!


Get the Checklist

Print out the MTC checklist to start the application process.

Complete the Checklist

Use the checklist to collect all of the information and send it to

Submit your Application

Complete the online application by entering the information you collected with the checklist.

MAFSI Technology Certification (MTC)

The MAFSI Technology Certification program is open to all MAFSI rep firm members. There are four levels of certification: Core, Advanced, Expert, Master.

The program starts with the most basic level, Core, and you must meet all the core requirements to qualify for MTC.

The more tech investments that you have at your firm will help you qualify for the more advanced levels.

MTC Level Requirements
Core: 10 Basic Requirements
Advanced: + 9 Additional Requirements
Expert: + 12 Additional Requirements
Master: + 15 Additional Requirements

The checklist provides rep firms with a roadmap by listing out all of the different technology requirements so you can choose what is going to be the best for your business.

MTC Core

Your firm must have these 10 requirements to qualify for MTC:

1. Smartphones

2. Color Laser Printer

3. Website

4. Laptop or Tablet

5. Email: Company/Domain Specific Address

6. High-Speed Internet at all offices

7. Office Suite Software

8. Appointment/Scheduling Software

9. Quoting Software

10. Accounting Software/Outsources Accounting Services

MTC Advanced

To reach the MTC Advanced level, you must meet the 10 core requirements plus an additional 9 requirements.

MTC Expert

To reach the MTC Expert level, you must meet the 10 core requirements plus an additional 12 requirements.

MTC Master

To reach the MTC Master level, you must meet the 10 core requirements plus an additional 15 requirements.

You MUST meet the 5 requirements below to earn the Master certification: 

  • Electronic Commission Reconciliation*

  • Video Conferencing*

  • MAFSI Survey Participation 100%*

  • Opportunity Tracking Software*

  • Forecasting Sales Software*

You must have all requirements marked * to be eligible for the Master level. If you have 15+ requirements and do not have the *requirements, you will be at the Expert level.


Meet our MTC Certified Rep Firms

To see a list of Rep Firms for each MTC level, click on the icon below.

Small Price, Massive Recognition

All designation levels have a one-time application fee of $150 and an annual renewal fee of $95 per company. You will be billed for certification renewal on your dues form.

You are able to move levels without additional fees whenever you qualify for the next level. You do not have to wait for your renewal period to switch levels.

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