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Discover new partners the smart way - with MAFSI!

Bringing the best reps together with the best manufacturers is at the core of MAFSI's mission.

Whether you are a rep looking for lines, or a manufacturer looking for reps, MAFSI is your best resource.

Our Looking for New Partners service makes it easier for our rep and manufacturer members to find each other.

Find qualified partners faster

Every member listing contains precise information to answer all your questions – available anytime online in the Member Locator.

With advanced search capability, you can narrow your searches based on specific profile criteria. This helps you find partners faster, based on your product needs and goals.

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Are you a rep

Looking for Lines?

Looking for New Partners allows reps to display the specific lines they are seeking. This helps reduce possible line conflicts and makes it easier for the right reps and manufacturers to connect.

On average, MAFSI rep firms gain at least 1 new line per year – this is how we make it happen.

Are you a manufacturer

Looking for Reps?

Looking for New Partners allows manufacturers to target the specific type of rep they need by break downing product criteria into finite pieces. This saves members time and streamlines the selection process.

Manufacturers can send on-demand emails to 500+ rep firm principals. Helping you fill your regions fast.

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Member Company Locator

As a MAFSI member, you are able to access MAFSI's searchable online member directory which lists our 240+ rep firm members and 200+ manufacturer members.

Ready to find New Partners?

If you are a rep actively looking for new lines, or a manufacturer searching for reps, follow the steps below to start finding your new partners!

Update your

In your Company profile, update the Looking for New Partners section.

The information is displayed in your Member Locator listing. Allowing members to see exactly what you are looking for.

Continue to update your profile as you find new partners or if your needs change.

Use the

Available to members 24/7 the Member Company Locator is a great resource.

You will know if a member is Looking for New Partners because it is displayed on their locator listing.

You can also use the filters to narrow your searches based on specific profile criteria.

your Inbox

Manufacturers Looking for New Partners can request emails be sent from MAFSI to rep firm principals.

Manufacturers can repeat this as often as they would like or until their regions are filled.

Rep Firm Principals receive emails when a manufacturer is looking for reps in their region!

Not a MAFSI Member but Looking for New Partners?

Join MAFSI and get access to great member benefits like our Looking for New Partners service to help find new lines or fill empty regions. 

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