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MAFSI Committees

MAFSI Committees

MAFSI addresses member issues and concerns by enlisting dynamic, powerful members as leaders of and participants in MAFSI committees.
The committees focus on identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, and acting on current and pending industry trends. Trends that are affecting the changing roles of manufacturers’ representatives and relations with our industry partners, namely manufacturers.
Right now, we have over 80 members, board members, and rising stars (members under 40) volunteering to work on our 6 different committees. These 6 committees are working on more than 30 different initiatives for MAFSI.

Rep Firm of the Future (RFOF) Committee

Educates the industry about the changing roles and activities of the MAFSI representative functions.


The Power of MAFSI

Membership & Marketing Committee

Works on opening the channels of communication with our members via the website, social media, email and more.



The MAFSI Member Compass

M Chef Committee

Increase member and industry awareness of the value of culinary training and selling as well as identify and develop educational programs addressing specified and broad-based culinary training and develop a certification program for rep chefs that will become a new industry standard.


Calling all MAFSI Chefs

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Helping create a community experience that is open, welcoming, and demonstrates our values to our industry.


Introducing DEI

Conference Planning Committee

Is responsible for developing the highest quality educational programming for both our representative and manufacturer members via the biennial conference.


Save the Date - Jan. 23-27, 2022

Research, Data & Technology (RDT) Committee

Develops and distributes membership survey and data projects.


The 2021 MAFSI Market Forecast

SpecPath & Industry Data Sharing Committee

Provides a competitive advantage to our SpecPath subscribers by developing new features and benefits and working with industry partners on sharing data across the channel.


Introducing SpecPath B.I. & Product Categories

Digital Training & Education (DTE) Committee

Provides accessible and effective distance learning opportunities for the membership.


Foodservice 101
Smartphone Video Workshop

Rising Stars Committee

The RSC focuses on education, career development and networking opportunities for young foodservice professionals.

Together we can shape the future of rep-manufacturer method of marketing, better support our channel partners and customers and foster growth, profit and success for all within foodservice.


Rising Star Committee Picture
Rising Stars Committee