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MAFSI’s biennial award program properly recognizes those individuals who have performed in an exemplary fashion and serve as recognition to ensure the future success and professionalism of the association, and the industry.

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The Tony Award is MAFSI's summit award, named in honor of Anthony E. Mazur, and is bestowed upon an individual MAFSI Rep Member who has consistently performed and demonstrated sincere interest, effort, leadership and given time to the welfare and progress of MAFSI and the enhancement of the manufacturers' agents' function and position in the industry. This award need not be presented annually. A person can receive the Tony Award only once.

1973     Anthony E. Mazur          

1974     Jack Pressberg

1975     Fred O. Kolstad, Jr.

1976     Walter R. Bill

1977     Don Camacho, Sr.

1978     Ed Herbst

1979     Bud Quirk

1980    John M. Gent

1981     Philip R. Young

1984    Tom Redditt, Sr.

1987     Bill Peters

1990     Ed Gregory

1992     Spear Lancaster

1994     Bill Squier

1995     Gene Vader                            

1996     Ted Kolstad

1997     Bill Loveless

1998     Hal Block         

1999     Phil Brant         

2000    Peter Cabrelli  

2001     Skip Zink

2002    Carl "Binky" Hearth

2003    Jim Flood

2004    Michael Posternak

2006    Neville Jeens

2007    Dennis Rosini

2008    Ray Ward

2012     Tom Johnson

2014     Alan Squier  

2016     Danny Collis

2018     Joe Ferri

2020    George LeCavalier

2022    Melissa Greenwald

Danny Collis - 2016 Tony Award Recipient
Danny Collis, CPMR, Collis Group, Inc.
Joe Ferri - 2018 Tony Award Recipient
Joe Ferri, CFSP, CPMR, ServSafe, Pecinka Ferri Associates
George LeCavalier - 2020 Tony Award Recipient
George LeCavalier, CFSP, CPMR, The Redstone Group
Melissa Greenwald - 2022 Tony Award Recipient


This Pacesetter Award, named in honor of Michael Posternak, is given to individuals who work for MAFSI Rep Member companies only, for demonstrating the highest degree of devotion and distinguished service in conjunction with MAFSI projects and activities. Awards shall not be made to local chapters.

1974     Don Camacho, Sr.

              Austin Hansen

              Charles Wallin

1975     Al Monticelli

             Alan Neustadtl

             Tom Redditt, Sr.

1976     Fred Bearden, Jr.

             Joseph Lutz

1977     Larry Doyle

             Paul Hirschberg

1978     Bob Massie

1979     Spear Lancaster

              Arthur Pinsley

1980     Ed Gregory

1981     John Dunne

1982     Morty Mordell

1983     Bruce Hicks

1984     Bill Squier

1985     Dan LaGraize

1986     Ed Gregory

1987     Ed Aydt

1988     Bill Loveless

1989     Gene Vader

1990     Hal Block

1991     Jim Bridgins

             Ken Jennings

1992     Ted Kolstad

1993     Richard Spener  

1994     Dennis Rosini

1995     Gary Wilbers

1996     Jim Flood

1997     Phil Brant

1998     Tony Mazur

             Skip Zink

1999     Peter Cabrelli

              David Engster

2000     Jim Landry

              Michael Posternak

2001     Tom Johnson

2002     Jeff Hessel

2003     George LeCavalier

2004     Jeff Shields

2005     Jack Malone

2006     Ed Gregory

               Alan Squier

2008     Peggy Bensinger

2010      Mitch Reilly

2012      David Wyllie

              Ed Pecinka

              Kim Woolsey

2014     Michael Turetzky

2016     Larry Cantamessa

              Joe Ferri

              Carl Kisner

2018     Jeff Couch

              Wayne Jones

              James Mathis

2020     Chris Jeens

               Mitch Marcotte

2022     Chris East

Larry Cantamessa - 2016 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient
Larry Cantamessa, PBAC & Associates Ltd.
Joe Ferri - 2016 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient
Joe Ferri, CFSP, CPMR, ServSafe, Pecinka Ferri Associates
Carl Kisner - 2016 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient
Carl Kisner, CPMR, Ignite Foodservice Solutions
Jeff Couch Pacesetter 2018
Wayne Jones - 2018 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient
Wayne Jones, CFSP, ServSafe, The Hansen Group
James Mathis - 2018 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient
James Mathis, CFSP, CPMR, ServSafe, Equipment Preference, Inc.
Chris Jeens - 2020 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient
Chris Jeens, CPMR, W. D. Colledge Co., Ltd.
Mitch Marcotte - 2020 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient

Mitch Marcotte, Elevate Foodservice Group and Chris Jeens, W.D. Colledge Co., Ltd.

Chris East - 2022 Michael Posternak Pacesetter Award Recipient


The Market Mover Award is given to individuals/organizations from Manufacturer Member companies who have, through individual/ organizational action, achievement and philosophy, demonstrated leadership qualities that are significant to the advancement of the representative function and food service industry.

1973     Saul Gerber

             Russ Carpenter

             Gertrude Appelbaum

1975     J.O. Cameron

             Ralph Eberts

             William Helwig

1979     George R. Shelley

             Paul Considine

1981     Tore Noren

             Ronald Kasperzak

             Bill Campbell

1983     John D. Gans

             William V. Eaton

1985     Phil Tashman

1986     Bill Haliburton

1987     Ira Kaplan

1989     Louise O'Sullivan

1990     John Chernak

              Kevin McCrone

              Graham Tillotson

              Richard Zimmer

1991     Greg Richards

             Jim Richardson

1989     Joe Larson

1993     Jerry Kelly

1994     Rod Collins

             Gerard C. Reice

1995     Bill Citti

1996     George Harvey

1997     Phil Dei Dolori

1998     Kathleen Seelye

1999     Tom Coghlan

2000     Keith Jaffee

2001     Tom Cassin

              David Jennings

              Mark Suchecki

2002     Sharon Barasch

              Tedde Reid

2003     John Nackley

2004     George Zawacki

2005     Kevin Fink

              Rick Anger

2006     Peter Nordell

2007     Alison Cody

              Kent Motes

2008     Jim Cullinane

2009     Terry Hoelle

              Robin Ashton

2010     David Bernstein            

              Deirdre Flynn

2012     Jim Drake

              Rick Zuehlke

2014     David Greene

              Jim Klimt

2016     Ali Group N.A

              Greg Elliott

2018     Ken Gallagher

              Deb Hanson

              Mark Pumphret

2020     Jeff Tait

2022     Joe Carbonara

              Maureen Slocum

Ali Group - 2016 Market Mover Award Recipient
Ken Gallagher - 2018 Market Mover Award Recipient
Deb Hanson - 2018 Market Mover Award Recipient
Deb Hanson, CFSP
Mark Pumphret - 2018 Market Mover Award Recipient
Mark Pumphret, Hatco Corporation
Jeff Tait - 2020 Market Mover Award Recipient
Maureen Slocum & Joe Carbonara - 2022 Market Mover Award Recipients
Maureen Slocum & Joe Carbonara, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies/restaurant development + design magazine


The Special Achievement Award is given to MAFSI Rep Member(s) who have made significant contributions to a local region.

1992    Jim Stratman, Region 19

1996    Jeff Hessel, Region 3

1999    Neville Jeens, Region 26

             Alan Squier, Region 5

             Tom Swartz, Region 6

2000   Neil Inverso, Region 4

             George LeCavalier, Region 20

             Bill Loveless, Region 18

             Tom Phillips, Region 7

2001    Chip Little, Region 3

             Ruby Mezigian, Region 6

             Bill Rzasa, Region 17

2002   Jeff Carragher, Region 2

             Art Gibson, Region 26

2003   David Graf, Region 2

             Chris Hansen, Region 12

2004   Al Greenfield, Region 21

2005   Jonathan Bowerman, Region 2

             Bill Rzasa, Region 17

2007   Greg Babin, Region 13

2008   Michael Posternak, Region 3

2010    Barry Ford, Region 12

2012    Pete Cabrelli, Region 12

            Ken Hamilton, Region 26

            Rob McKeown, Region 3

2014    Chris Jeens, Region 26

            Wayne Jones, Region 12

            Dave Wenger, Region 7

2016    Chris Jeens, Region 26

            Melissa Greenwald, Region 7

2018    Stephanie Perry, Region 26

2020   Carl Kisner, Region 20

             Kevin Collis, Region 26

             Scott Lund, Region 22

             Stephanie Perry, Region 26

2022    Joe Anderson, Region 18

Joe Anderson - 2022 Special Achievement Award Recipient
Joe Anderson, CFSP, ServSafe, CPMR, AFS Anderson Foodservice Solutions
Stephanie Perry - 2018 Special Achievement Award Recipient
Stephanie Perry, Permul Ltd.
Scott Lund - 2020 Special Achievement Award
Scott Lund, Lund-Iorio, Inc.
Kevin Collis - 2020 Special Achievement Award
Kevin Collis, Total Tabletop Plus
Carl Kisner - 2020 Special Achievement Award
Melissa Greenwald - 2016 Special Achievement Award Recipient
Chris Jeens - 2016 Special Achievement Award Recipient
Chris Jeens, CPMR, W. D. Colledge Co., Ltd.


The MAFSI Progressive Partner Award, created in 2020, recognizes a Manufacturer or Associate Company members that is committed to the rep-manufacturer method of marketing and is vested in the development, efficiency and general welfare of their reps and fosters a spirit of good will and confidence among their rep partners.

2020     T & S Brass and Bronze Works

2022     UNOX

Unox - 2022 Progressive Partner Award Recipient
TS Brass Award MAFSI 20Final


Started in 2020, the Pros to Know Award is intended to recognize a sales manager leader at a factory who delivers stellar business outcomes for their rep partners. The sales manager can have any number of years’ experience in the industry.

2020    Kevin Brown, Continental Refrigerator        

           Marianne Schussler-Yenor, Lakeside

             Kevin Graham, American Panel

2022    Jason Wange, Cal Mil Plastic Products Inc. 

Marianne Schussler-Yenor - 2020 Pros to Know Award Recipient
Marianne Schussler-Yenor, Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.
Jason Wange - 2022 Pros to Know Award Recipient


The MAFSI Rep Rising Star Award is intended to recognize an emerging leader at a rep firm, age 40 or younger, whose record reflects ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession and increased levels of leadership and responsibility. Successful candidates will have not yet reached a senior-level position, but their track-record should reflect a strong potential for appointment at the highest levels of the profession.

2018     Chris East – Chrane Foodservice Solutions, MAFSI Region 15 – Texas / Oklahoma

             Joe Ferri Jr., CPMR, CFSP – Pecinka Ferri Associates, MAFSI Region 3 – New York Metro

             Dustin Gill – Premier Equipment Group Inc., MAFSI Region 12 – Southeast Central

             Alex Hansen, CFSP – The Hansen Group, MAFSI Region 12 – Southeast Central

             Brian Henry – Wyllie Marketing, MAFSI Region 01 – New England

             Brian McCormick – Griffin Marketing Group Inc., MAFSI Region 11 – Carolinas

2020    Kevin Dillon, Eaton Marketing Associates, Inc., MAFSI Region 13 – Florida

             Joe Klosterman, CPMR, Apex Commercial Kitchen Co., Region 19, Upper Mid-Central

2022     Michael Lepage, CMA Foodservice Solutions, MAFSI Region 16 – Mid-Central

              Eric Reed, Midwest Professional Reps, MAFSI Region 16 – Mid-Central

Chris East - 2018 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Joe Ferri, Jr - 2018 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Joe Ferri, Jr., CPMR, Pecinka Ferri Associates
Dustin Gill - 2018 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Alex Hansen - 2018 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Alex Hansen, CFSP, The Hansen Group
Brian Henry - 2018 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Brian Henry, MBA, Wyllie Marketing
Brian McCormick - 2018 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Michael Lepage - 2022 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient
Michael Lepage, ServSafe, CMA Foodservice Solutions
Eric Reed - 2022 Rep Rising Star Award Recipient


A Lifetime Member shall be a person who has been a member of MAFSI Association for at least 10 years, who has contributed to the food service industry through significant national involvement and is retired from the industry.

1996     David Ettinger  

1997     Thomas Redditt, Sr.

1999     Robert Moccia, Sr.

2000     Don Camacho, Sr.

2001     Don Lund

2007     Tom Cassin

              Anthony Mazur

2009     Neville Jeens

2012     Tom Borden

2014     Skip Zink

2016     Elliot Horowitz

2020     Jim Cullinane

              Michael Posternak

2022     Mark Klosterman

Elliot Horowitz - 2016 Lifetime Membership Award Recipient
Elliot Horowitz, Elliot Horowitz Associates
Jim Cullinane - 2020 Lifetime Membership Award Recipient
Jim Cullinane
Michael Posternak - 2020 Lifetime Membership Award Recipient
Michael Posternak, PBAC & Associates LTD
Mark Klosterman - 2022 Lifetime Membership Award Recipient
Mark Klosterman, Curate.


An Honorary Member is an individual who is a non-member of the association who has contributed substantially to MAFSI over an extended period of time qualifies for Honorary Membership.

1997 John Chernak     

         John Towns

1998 Austin Hansen

2004  Rod Collins

2016  Jim & Tedde Reid

2018  Vyacheslav Gladushyn

2020   Robin Ashton

            Deirdre Flynn

Tedde Reid - 2016 Honorary Membership Award Recipient
Tedde Reid, SEFA LLC
Slava Gladushyn
Vyacheslav Gladushyn, Head Developer, SpecPath
Robin Ashton
Deirdre Flynn, CFSP, NAFEM


This Chapter of the Year Award is named in honor of Bill Loveless who passed in November 2002, but whose devotion to MAFSI is legendary. The goal of this award is to encourage and recognize exceptional achievement of MAFSI regional chapters and their members. Active and effective chapters are needed to achieve MAFSI's goals as well as further the mission and vision of the association.

2004     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

2005     MAFSI Region 17 - Chicago Metro

2006     MAFSI Region 18 - WI/Upper Michigan

2007     MAFSI Region 3 – New York Metro

2008     MAFSI Region 26 – Canada       

2009     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

2010     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

             MAFSI Region 12 - Southeast Central

2012     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

             MAFSI Region 12 - Southeast Central

2014     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

2016     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

2018     MAFSI Region 18 - WI/Upper Michigan

2020     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

2022     MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro

Region 3 (New York Metro) - 2016 Bill H. Loveless Chapter of the Year Award
MAFSI Region 3 - New York Metro
Chapter of the Year - Region 18 Final
MAFSI Region 18 - Wisconsin/Upper Michigan