Why MAFSI Reps?

You don’t go to an amateur for product design.

Then why use amateurs to sell your products?

They're product specialists.

Because MAFSI rep firms sell a wide range of non-competing lines, they have a broad base of product and market knowledge. Each call, for each product, helps uncover new applications, new market opportunities.
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They're highly motivated.

Their objective—their only objective—is to develop their sales territory into the best and most profitable marketplace possible. They don't earn a penny unless they sell their manufacturers’ products, and they have a lot of people relying on them. They support their employees.  They support families.

They're much more than commissioned salespeople.

They’re territory managers. Personnel managers. Data managers. Customer service managers. Sales managers. Marketing managers. IT managers. Product managers. Education managers. Finance managers. And technical managers.
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They're the experts.

They’re experts in their region. They know their dealers, their consultants, and their operators. They're market and industry specialists, that get results.

Use experts, not amateurs.
Use MAFSI Reps.
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