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As a manufacturer, we know what you want. You want access.  You also want an experienced, and motivated sales force. You want availability to expose your products to the movers and shakers that make commercial foodservice MOVE.

When you join MAFSI, you get all of that and more. Ask any of the 260+ manufacturers that already belong to the Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI).

They’ll tell you there is no easier, faster, and cost-effective way to go to market in this industry than by utilizing MAFSI reps and why 80% of overall foodservice manufacturers choose MAFSI reps to market their products. Click here for additional Advantages of Selling Through MAFSI Reps.

MAFSI's 270+ rep agencies make an impact for our manufacturers, our dealers, and our customers. MAFSI reps make an impact in our communities, in our economy, and in the greatest industry in North America.

Our strength in numbers comes from 2,000 feet on the street; it comes from 4,000 ears to the ground; it comes from...people with passion...all proud to be MAFSI Reps. Of our 270+ firms more than 130+ are currently looking for lines.

If you’re ready to get your piece of the 14.5 billion dollar commercial foodservice industry, then you’re ready to join MAFSI.
Manufacturer Dues Pricing: Manufacturer Members must pay according to sales volume, with dues starting at a minimum of $1,205 for companies with up to $5 million in sales, continuing in increments with a maximum of $2,285 for companies with over $100 million in sales.

Total Sales Volume MAFSI Manufacturer Dues
Up to $5 Million $1,265
$5 - 29 Million $1,560
$30 - 59 Million $1,835
$60 - 99 Million $2,125
$100 Million+ $2,400

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Here are just a few of the ways MAFSI membership will benefit you and your company:


If you are a manufacturer looking for a rep, then MAFSI is your best resource. Bringing the best reps together with best manufacturers is at the core of MAFSI's mission.

We help you find top reps in North America with our Agents Wanted Service, where we will email your agents wanted ads to our network of more than 270+ rep agencies.  Our rep members represent a wide spectrum of foodservice products and allow you to pinpoint the expertise and market concentration you need.

The following Reps/Lines Wanted Services are included in your membership:

Reps/Lines Wanted Search Engine

  • FOR MFGS: With our new and expanded REPS WANTED we’ve broken down the sub-categories manufacturers use into finite pieces so you can better and more accurately target the specific type of rep you need.
  • FOR REPS: Additionally, new this year for the agents, we have added the same sub-categories in a new search engine tool, LINES WANTED, for reps actively looking for YOUR TYPE of line. This will allow you as a manufacturer to search and also see in their Locator listing the specific types of lines their rep firm is seeking. This new feature let you find the specific type of rep in your specific product category fast and avoid having to manually eliminate potential line conflicts. We have over 136 Rep Firms Looking for Lines in the Lines Wanted search engine.

Reps Wanted E-mails

  • Instant, personalized e-mail will be sent to all MAFSI rep members with your company's listing.
  • Delivered within 48 hours of receipt of your application to your chosen regions. Repeat as often as you would like or until all your regions are filled.
Get New Reps through our Online Rep Locator:
  • Access to the Access to 275 Rep Agency Listings in MAFSI online locator (directory)--where you can search for MAFSI Reps by using search categories such as company name, sales territory, other manufacturers represented, product group categories, customer base.



Our belief is simple.  MAFSI Reps and Manufacturers should have the knowledge, and visibility, to clearly see the sum of their efforts (and hard work) in a comprehensive, easy to use, and straightforward platform.

SpecPath® is patent-pending software program/database of all 11-4000 projects. It won't just track specs and projects but will provide real market intelligence; soon becoming an integral part of our industry’s infrastructure.


SpecPath® Benefits For Manufacturers.

You can see who’s specifying your products, and more accurately compensate your reps. You can also see exactly what products were specified and better determine pipeline/manufacturing schedules.

You will gain intel to where your business is coming from, i.e. healthcare, K12, B&I, etc and better serve the operator through thoughtful coordination with your local rep.

You can better track which dealers are winning bids that include your product, track your position and outcome in specification, export data for reports and work with the awarded rep to negotiate effectively and quickly service the P.O.

Inside of each project, MAFSI Manufacturer Member Subscribers will only see projects in North America that contain their product line(s).

You will be able to see and export data and build reports on the following data:
    • Manufacturer Name
    • Position in Spec (Specification, Destination or Origination)
    • Spec Type (Prime, Equal or Alt)
    • Model #
    • Item #
    • Quantity
    • Description (ex. Hand Sink)
    • Paragraph Spec
    • Project Information
    • Consultant Information
    • Dealer Information
    • Market Segment
    • Rep Companies on Project Who Share Mfg (3 Per Project - Specification, Destination and Origination)


Released every October, this 24 page, in-depth, member-only, forecast covers all of the data points and trends...helping both you, our reps, and our manufacturers more accurately predict the future of business, and (hopefully) help to set reasonable goals and quotas for the coming year.

Click here to see a sample of a prior year Market Forecast.

In addition to forecasts for Equipment, Supplies, Tabletop and Furniture both nationally and regionally, we include Product Equipment Sub-Categories Sales Forecast both nationally and regionally for:

  • Primary Cooking
  • Refrigeration & Ice Machines
  • Storage & Handling
  • Serving
  • Food Preparation
  • Warewashing & Sanitation
  • Ventilation


How's business? That’s the magic question that begins most conversations between business partners be it rep to rep, rep to factory, rep to dealer, or rep to end-user.

For years MAFSI had discussed the best way to provide the industry with clear sales information. One of our goals has always been to provide an accurate picture of how business is doing.

In 2001, we instituted the MAFSI Business Barometer Survey, a quarterly survey that has become a leading economic indicator in the foodservice industry with an inside look at regional and national sales trends and forecast for equipment, supplies, tabletop and furniture lines. Click here for a sample: MAFSI Q3/15 Foodservice Business Barometer Survey.

There is no one else in this industry better able to provide this information than the rep, the people who live and breathe it across the country every day. The purpose of this one-of-a-kind survey is to share – not only with MAFSI – but with other industry partners and associates how the industry fared last quarter and projected consumer confidence for this quarter.

The Business Barometer is firmly entrenched at the top of the foodservice "need to know" information. Cited in industry and national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Foodservice Equipment Reports and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies as well as industry newsletters, e-blasts and trend/forecast presentations and manufacturers' sales presentations, the data is highly credible and sought after.

Additionally, the Barometer is a tool for our rep members to have the necessary data required to negotiate future quotas and bonus plans with manufacturers. This survey is also a benchmark for all of us to gauge our own business activity and growth.

The Barometer is a valuable sales management tool for several reasons:

  1. The survey is consistent from quarter to quarter and measures trends including quoting and consultant activity.
  2. Our format shows that differences exist from region to region.
  3. We break down the market into its sub-components of equipment, supply, tabletop and furniture as well as equipment sub-categories of primary cooking, refrigeration & ice machines, storage & handling, serving, food preparation, warewashing & sanitation and ventilation.
  4. The Barometer is a tool for our rep members to have the necessary data required to negotiate future quotas and bonus plans with principals and establishing performance appraisals and consensus quotas for reps and sales managers.
  5. This survey is also a benchmark for all of us to gauge our own business activity and growth.

The MAFSI Business Barometer results are sent to all MAFSI members, as well as industry publications as well as national news outlets each quarter.  


In today’s fast paced foodservice industry, streamlining the sales management process from opportunity through order shipment and financial record keeping is the goal of both representative businesses and manufacturers. Orgo is the resource that is doing exactly that for both channel partners by creating transparency between the rep and manufacturer organizations. The factory uploads order and commission information into Orgo, and immediately all of its reps have access to critical order details. With the release of their “manufacturer version” at the NAFEM show this year, Orgo’s vision for connecting the flow of information between manufacturer and rep is now a reality.

This real time sharing of information arms the rep with details that make him/her more prepared than ever before to answer customer questions, facilitate order taking, inform customers of shipment information, and reduces the amount of time needed to reconcile commissions. It adds significant value to the rep’s relationship with their customer and reduces the number of calls to the factory to retrieve this detail as well.

For the factory, Orgo saves significant time and costs. With order and shipping information, invoice and commission details in Orgo, the factory no longer needs to prepare and e-mail reports. Plus, with this information available electronically, reps have access when needed versus when the factory sends it. This is more efficient for everyone.    

Business planning is also enhanced by Orgo. Factories are able to develop sales opportunities with reps and track them through on-going communication in Orgo. This helps tremendously to anticipate upcoming opportunities and to plan accordingly. Knowledge is power, and Orgo shares the information rep and manufacturer partners need to effectively and efficiently manage their businesses.

Orgo provides MAFSI Manufacturers with:

Orgo Feature

Factory Benefit

Order Detail & Shipment Tracking Information
  • Reduces daily calls to Customer Service staff by 50%
  • Saves 2-3 hours daily preparing & e-mailing order reports
  • Facilitates getting information for “on hold” orders 
Invoice & Commission detail
  • Saves 6-8 hours monthly not having to prepare and e-mail invoice copies & commission reports
Sales By Customer
  • Saves 4-5 hours monthly by eliminating monthly sales reports
MAFSI Member Only Manufacturer Benefits
  • Discounted pricing for MAFSI Manufacturers
  • MAFSI Only Reports
  • MAFSI Only AutoQuotes Import Function

 Find out more about Orgo.



We also have an extensive online resource center in our Members' Only area which over 85 Guidelines and Best Practices including:


Manufacturer Membership is available to but not limited to the following:

  1. Any manufacturer of foodservice equipment, supplies, tabletop and/or furniture who is interested in improving the agent manufacturer method of sales and marketing and who will help promote our function, and sells, or plans to sell, to the foodservice industry.

  2. Any manufacturer of JanSan equipment or supplies who is interested in improving the agent- manufacturer method of sales and marketing and who will help promote our function and sells, or plans to sell, to the foodservice industry and/or to non-food institutions that require commercial cleaning

  3. Any other manufacturer that finds value in the services provided by the Association in which this class of membership is entitled to.

Manufacturer Dues Pricing: Manufacturer Members must pay according to sales volume, with dues starting at a minimum of $1,265 for companies with up to $5 million in sales, continuing in increments with a maximum of $2,400 for companies with over $100 million in sales.

Total Sales Volume MAFSI Manufacturer Dues
Up to $5 Million $1,265
$5 - 29 Million $1,560
$30 - 59 Million $1,835
$60 - 99 Million $2,125
$100 Million+ $2,400


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When you consider the increase in top-line and bottom-line sales you experience with MAFSI, membership is an investment that reaps enormous rewards...and why 92% of our members renew each year. Thank you for your interest in MAFSI.

There are no problems without solutions; no questions without answers and no limit to what can be accomplished when so many join together. Simply put, there is power in numbers.

MAFSI is the catalyst and only advocate for your chosen go-to-market strategy. We are the industry's definitive sales and marketing resource for all equipment, supply, tabletop and furniture manufacturers and reps and the one voice for both of you in North America.

Tomorrow's foodservice industry is whatever we want it to be. We look forward to working with you in 2016 to continue to provide the customer and the industry with a steady stream of skilled sales and marketing talent and innovative products.

We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you prosper as a leader in your market and with your reps. Please let us know us you have any questions. We can be reached at 404-214-9474 or [email protected].


MAFSI has made a tremendous impact on my career.  MAFSI conferences and members have provided me with education and contacts that helped me succeed in my job and our industry. MAFSI represents some of the great leaders and innovators in our industry. The benefits I've gotten from my interaction and devotion to MAFSI have been immeasurable." - Michael Whiteley, Hatco Corporation

"MAFSI reps are the most cost-efficient method in that you get a professional sales staff that is strategically located in the territory and who has knowledge and access to the key decision-makers. You can spread the cost of them over the product lines they carry. The frequency of their visits to our customer base is greater because they have multiple reasons to visit due to the diverse product lines they represent… but at any time the opportunity to discuss our product line could come up." - Chris Brinkerfoff, Blodgett

Questions? Please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or [email protected].