May 2018

President's Message: We All Have the Same Customer
by Chris Jeens, W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd.

It isn’t an exaggeration for me to state that 2018 has already been the year in which I have learned more than any other year before it. The reason is simple. I’ve been listening harder this year than I ever have, because I realize there is so much about this industry that we just don’t know yet. I knew I better start paying attention.

The MAFSI, FCSI and joint CFESA/FEDA/NAFEM conferences this year have provided our industry with an unprecedented breadth of educational forums in a very short period of time. The opportunity to clear our heads of our misconceptions, opinions, and biases and start creating a new era of strength and collaborative business practices is upon us. >>>>>

Mark Your Calendars NOW for MAFSI's 2020 Conference
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

Mark your calendars now for MAFSI's 2020 Conference, and join140+ rep firms and 110+ factory brands on January 22-25, 2020 at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA; about 35 minutes north of San Diego.

Four action-packed days of ground-breaking education, networking, and FUN. >>>>>

Get the Inside Scoop: Everything you need to know about the 2017 MAFSI Benchmarking Survey
By Ramsey Ruether, Membership and Association Services Coordinator

MAFSI knows that, if you can’t measure it, you can’t assess or improve it. That's why we offer all of our Rep Members the chance to participate in an annual benchmarking survey. Every year, free of charge.

The MAFSI Rep Firm Benchmarking Survey provides credible industry data for each individual foodservice rep agency. This report will help you to see national industry trends, understand how they compare to others in similar organizations or geography as they move forward within the industry to improve processes and outcomes. >>>>>

Foodservice 101: Education is a Powerful Weapon
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

Are your new hires ready for battle? In our increasingly competitive industry, is not just who you know that matters - it’s what you know. But, the time spent bringing your newest recruits up-to-speed is a serious time commitment. You have calls to make, and emails to return. You want them to learn the ropes, but you also have your own work to complete, and your time is money.

What if you could sit your new hire in front of a computer, and a fun, interactive training program would take them through all the need-to-know basics of our industry? All of the truly important things. >>>>>

NRA 2018: All the news that's Fit to EAT.
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

The big show wrapped up again this week, and as always, MAFSI members left their mark in the Windy City.

11 MAFSI manufacturer companies were recognized for their innovation with selection for the 2018 Kitchen Innovation Awards, and our own Dave Kuelpman was recognized by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies as the 2018 Top Achiever – Rep. >>>>>

What Exactly Is an LMS and Do You Need One?
by Renee Barnes, CEO, VeraTrain

As you continue to impact the Foodservice industry as a sales rep agency, you may wonder if an LMS can take your company to the next level. This article will shine the light on what an LMS is and how it can impact your company.

What is an LMS? The acronym “LMS” stands for Learning Management System. The most common use for LMS software is to launch and track training initiatives. Courses are uploaded to the Learning Management System, which makes them easily accessible for your staff – even if they’re on the road. >>>>>

Repnology: Technology Articles for Reps and Manufacturers
by Our Technology Partners

A comprehensive library of industry-related technology articles for reps, and the manufacturers that use them. Many thanks to AutoQuotes, KCL, Orgo, and TMC Digital Media for their ongoing contributions. >>>>>

More to MAFSI
by The Editors

As we all know, there’s a lot more to a person that the work we do. More to MAFSI profiles individual members, and their lives outside of commercial foodservice. 

Rep Edition:
Meet, Elizabeth Hannon: Wife, Yoga Student, Cartoon-Lover.

Manufacturer Edition:
Meet, Tony Drake: National Sales Director, Golfer, Dad, Carb-Lover.

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MAFSI Reps/Agents Wanted

Bringing the best reps together with best manufacturers is at the core of MAFSI's mission. We are pleased to bring you our monthly Agents Wanted bulletin, which lists MAFSI manufacturers needing representation by region.

If you contact one of these manufacturer members and tell them you are interested in the line, you will probably make the sales manager's day. You are saving him or her the trouble of doing a directory search and this will also give you the inside track on getting the line.

To view lines needing representation in your area click on your region below:

Region 1 - New England Region 14 - South Central Region 25 - Northwest
Region 2 - Upstate New York/W. Pennsylvania Region 15 - Texas/Oklahoma Region 26a - British Columbia
Region 3 - New York Metro Region 16 - Mid-Central Region 26b - Alberta
Region 4 - Keystone Region 17 - Chicago Metro

Region 26c - Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Lakehead 

Region 5 - Mid-Atlantic Region 18 - Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Region 26d - Ontario/Ottawa
Region 6 - Michigan/Indiana Region 19 - Upper Mid-Central Region 26e - Quebec/Ottawa
Region 7 - Mid-America Region 20 - Mountain States North Region 26f - Atlantic
Region 11 - Carolinas Region 21 - Arizona/New Mexico Region 26g - All of Canada
Region 12 - Southeast Central Region 22 - Southern California Region 28 - International
Region 13 - Florida Region 24 - San Francisco Metro Region 29 - Uk, Ireland & Mainland Europe Only

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