March 2018

President's Message: MAFSI 2018 Conference: Defining High Definition
by Chris Jeens, W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd.

It all started at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 24th. The work and planning that had filled the hours and days and weeks and months leading up to that moment were forgotten, and the show began. And what a show. MAFSI 2018. Compete in HD.

Our conference content was delivered in extremely high resolution, and the message was incredibly clear...our industry wants to learn, and adapt, and improve. Put that idea on the largest screen possible, with the most enhanced detail, and the purest sound. >>>>>

Q4/17 Commercial Foodservice Business Barometer Now Available

The MAFSI Business Barometer for the fourth quarter of 2017 advanced by +2.8%, a bit better than +2.6% of Q3/17 and a couple of bits better than the+2.4% that had been forecast for Q4/17. Continuing this soft trend, MAFSI Reps have forecast +2.7% for Q1/18. After 6 years of 4.0% to 5.5% annual growth, weare now re-adjusting to a new norm of nearly half that former level, now in the mid two percent range.

By product type, the Q4/17 overall growth broke down as follows: Supply +3.1%, both Equipment and Furniture +2.9%, and Tabletop +2.1%. Results varied widely by region, from a leading gain of +5.5% in Canada, to +3.6% in the South, +2.8% in the Midwest, +1.7% in the West, and trailed by only +1.6% in the Northeast. >>>>>

The Definitive 2018 Conference Recap: A High Definition Experience 
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director 

"This was far and away the very best conference MAFSI has ever done, period. I have no words. I was blown away." - 2018 Conference Attendee

If you remember that old Maxell commercial from the 80's - you know - that one with the guy sitting in a chair being, quite literally, blown away by his speaker; you'll start to get a picture of what our 2018 conference was like. >>>>>

Introducing Foodservice 101: $50 Off for First 101 Students Enrolled
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

We officially launched enrollment of Foodservice 101 at our 2018 Conference and could not have had a better response. Reps, manufactures, and allies alike all raved about it being "high time" for comprehensive training for new people in our industry. And MAFSI is proud to provide it.

And our response was so great, we've extended our conference promotion, but only for the first 101 students to enroll in the course>>>>>

Congratulations to Our 2018 Awards Winners
by Tom Jedlowski, Associate Executive Director

MAFSI's biennial award program properly recognizes those individuals who have performed in an exemplary fashion and serve as recognition to ensure the future success and professionalism of the association, and the industry.

During a reception held on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018 at the Naples Grand Resort in Naples, Florida 19 MAFSI members, one MAFSI chapter, and one non-member were presented with the following eight awards for their demonstrated leadership, as nominated by their peers. >>>>>

How Lack of Training and Coaching Can Affect Foodservice Reps
by Renee Barnes, CEO, VeraTrain

A global survey has found that a quarter of managers are still not coaching and training their sales teams properly, despite admitting that training is the single most important tool for driving sales performance. 

The research was conducted by Forum EMEA and The Sales Management Association, and was based on data from over 200 companies employing a total of more than 500,000 sales people. The report entitled, 'Measuring Sales Management's Coaching Impact,' found that the main obstacles to effective coaching today are...>>>>>

It's Really Not Just About the Money:
Sales Rep Prevents Improper Termination with Rare Injunction

by Gerald M. Newman and Adam J. Glazer

Sales rep lawsuits commonly seek to recover unpaid commissions following the termination of a rep contract. When Apex Technology Sales, Inc., a Minnesota sales rep firm, was terminated, however, it went unorthodox, responding with an underutilized remedy: seeking injunctive relief.

Courts view injunctions as "extraordinary remedies." When injunctions issue, they generally direct maintenance of the status quo, including by preventing the responding party from moving ahead with its business plans. >>>>>

More to MAFSI
by The Editors

As we all know, there’s a lot more to a person that the work we do. More to MAFSI profiles individual members, and their lives outside of commercial foodservice. 

Rep Edition:
Meet, Michel Hamelin: Foodie. Carpenter. Grocery Shopping Extraordinaire.

Manufacturer Edition:
Meet, Kevin Kelly: Gardener. Chocoholic. Aspiring Hockey Player.

Repnology: Technology Articles for Reps and Manufacturers
by Our Technology Partners

A comprehensive library of industry-related technology articles for reps, and the manufacturers that use them. Many thanks to AutoQuotes, KCL, Orgo, and TMC Digital Media for their contributions. >>>>>

Welcome New Membersalt

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MAFSI Reps/Agents Wanted

Bringing the best reps together with best manufacturers is at the core of MAFSI's mission. We are pleased to bring you our monthly Agents Wanted bulletin, which lists MAFSI manufacturers needing representation by region.

If you contact one of these manufacturer members and tell them you are interested in the line, you will probably make the sales manager's day. You are saving him or her the trouble of doing a directory search and this will also give you the inside track on getting the line.

To view lines needing representation in your area click on your region below:

Region 1 - New England Region 14 - South Central Region 25 - Northwest
Region 2 - Upstate New York/W. Pennsylvania Region 15 - Texas/Oklahoma Region 26a - British Columbia
Region 3 - New York Metro Region 16 - Mid-Central Region 26b - Alberta
Region 4 - Keystone Region 17 - Chicago Metro

Region 26c - Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Lakehead 

Region 5 - Mid-Atlantic Region 18 - Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Region 26d - Ontario/Ottawa
Region 6 - Michigan/Indiana Region 19 - Upper Mid-Central Region 26e - Quebec/Ottawa
Region 7 - Mid-America Region 20 - Mountain States North Region 26f - Atlantic
Region 11 - Carolinas Region 21 - Arizona/New Mexico Region 26g - All of Canada
Region 12 - Southeast Central Region 22 - Southern California Region 28 - International
Region 13 - Florida Region 24 - San Francisco Metro Region 29 - Uk, Ireland & Mainland Europe Only

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