Resources & Guidelines for MAFSI Reps and Manufacturers

The information contained in these resources is a collective attempt by MAFSI to help define and augment the complex partnerships between independent reps and the manufacturers they represent.

There is a simple solution for representatives and manufacturers to achieve increased productivity and profitability, greater innovation, and high degrees of trust and communication. The remedy is to openly share information and facts, and to use this process as a measure of competence, contribution and reward.

These MAFSI Resources were developed to serve as helpful guidelines and concepts to think about when making various decisions affecting this partnership. They are not intended as legal advice; therefore it is important to consult your experienced legal counsel regarding the applicability of any guideline or point of information contained herein.

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Agency Demographic/Benchmarking Survey (Rep Firm Principals Only)

2013 Agency Demographic Survey Results

2012 - No Survey

2011 Agency Demographic Survey Results

2010 Agency Demographic Survey Results

2009 Agency Demographic Survey Results

2008 Agency Demographic Survey Results


Agents Wanted Listings

Manufacturers Looking for Reps

Sign Up form for Manufacturers Looking for Reps


Business Barometer Survey

Business Barometer Survey


Buy-Sell, Value your Rep Firm

Law Office of D. Clay Taylor

Legal Aspects of Buying or Selling

MAFSI Guideline for Valuing Your Rep Firm

Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, LLC 

Selling Part of your Rep Firm to your Employees or Partners - from MANA - $

The Relative Nature of Buy-Sell Agreements for the Manufacturers’ Representative Sales Agency

The Valuation and Sale of an Entire Manufacturers' Sales Agency - from MANA - $

Valuing the Rep Firm - from MANA - $


Call/Sales Reporting

MAFSI Statement on Call Reports



Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP)

Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative (CPMR)

Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

MAFSI Technology Certification (MTC)

ServSafe and HACCP



Region Map



Education Committee 

Marketing Communication Committee 

Research Data and Technology Committee



Average Commission Rates (Rep Only)

Best Practices for Building New Territories

Case Study on How Reduced Commission Affect a Sales Agency Commission

Commission Collections Services (Rep Only) - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Commission Impact Calculator

Commission Splits for Equipment for Internet Sales

Commission Splits-Spec Credit Recommendations for Equipment

Compensation Guidelines for Manufacturers and their Independent Representatives

List of Generic Bonus Plans

List of Services Reps Provide

Spec Credit Form

State Commission Protection Acts

Where the Commissions Go?



Agreement to Warehouse Consigned Stock

Dealing with a Bankrupt Principal

New 2020 - MAFSI Rep Only Exemplar Contract

Rep and Manufacturer Contract Guidelines and Suggested Contract

Rep Letter for Manufacturer Who Won't Sign A Contract

Sub Rep Agreement

Top 10 Items Reps Should Look for in Contracts (Rep Only)


List of Manufacturer Holding Companies


MAFSI Member Savings

Factory Training Programs

Factory Product Training for Sales Representatives Training

Program for Internal Factory Staff


Financial Services

MARLIN Business Services Corp. - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Scott Brenner - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Smith Barney - MAFSI Benefit Provider


Food Service Industry Roles/Map

Food Service Equipment and Supply Segments Performance Recommendations

Foodservice Industry Map

Statement on Channels of Distribution


Human Resources - Hiring and Evaluation

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Performance Review

Employee Personality Assessment Service - Rembrandt Advantage - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Employee Work Style and Personality Assessment Service - Culture Index- MAFSI Benefit Provider

Evaluation of a Prospective Principal

Evaluation of a Prospective Representative

Hiring/Recruitment Assistance for Rep Firms and Manufacturers - Time4HR - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Standard Suggested Sales Employee Agreement


Independent Contractor Status

A Manufacturers' Agent's Guide to the Use of Independent Contractors - from MANA - $

MAFSI Statement on Call Reports



Business Insurance - The Ahbe Group -MAFSI Benefit Provider

Healthcare Act Information

Health Insurance - RepCare - MAFSI Benefit Provider


Legislative Updates

Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) Weekly Updates



List of MAFSI Attorneys - MAFSI Benefit Providers

Reps and the Law - from MANA - $

State Commission Protection Acts


Line Conflicts

Guidelines for Handling Line Conflicts


Line Profitability

Line Profitability and Portfolio Analysis


Locator - Rep Membership Directory

Rep Locator

Manufacturer Locator

Region Map with descriptions



Agency Sales Magazine - included in MAFSI Rep Membership

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies - MAFSI Rep Only Subscription

Foodservice Equipment Reports - MAFSI Rep Only Subscription



MAFSI Logos for Printed Material and Websites


MAFSI Matters

Past Issues of MAFSI Matters


Miscellaneous Forms

Complimentary Travel Request

Cooperative Advertising Request

Dealer Credit Information

Dealer Incentive Program

Dealer Sales Information

Extended Billing Request

Literature Request

Return Authorization Request

Spec Credit Form

Special Discount Request/Authorization

Special Event Request

Telephone Order Form

Test/Show Unit Commitment Form


New Products

Best Practices for Building New Territories

Introduction of New or Improved Products Guideline


Operations for Rep Firms

Customer Service Survey for Rep Firms

Manufacturers' Representative Firm Total Performance Audit

Operations Manual for Manufacturers' Representative Firms - from MRERF - $

Reps' Coping Strategies for the 21st Century - from MANA - $

Starting a Rep Agency - from MANA - $


Pioneering Lines

Best Practices for Building New Territories and Pioneering Lines


Regional Sales Managers

Effective Regional Sales Managers Guideline

Ground Rules for Regional Managers and Representatives

Interaction between Regional Sales Managers and Manufacturers’ Agents Guideline


Rep - Manufacturer Communications

Planning the Business Year Guideline

Communication and Performance Guideline


Rep Councils

Guidelines for Establishing Representative Councils

Opening Doors by Building an Effective Rep Council - from MANA - $

Rep Council Survey from MAFSI


Sales Meetings

Sales Meetings at National Trade Show Guideline

Sales Meeting Survey from MAFSI



dynaMACS Rep Firm Software - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Eyond Rep Firm Software - MAFSI Benefit Provider

FS Enablers Web sites - MAFSI Benefit Provider

KCL CADalog - MAFSI Benefit Provider

RPMS Rep Firm Software - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Computer Troubleshooters - MAFSI Benefit Provider

TurnerTime Management Computer Training - MAFSI Benefit Provider


Start-Up, Demo and Installation Forms

Demonstration Inspection Form

Demonstration Request Form

Glossary of Terms

Guidelines for Producing Start-Up and Demonstration Videos

Guidelines for Start-Up and Demonstration of Foodservice Equipment

Installation Form

Start-Up/Performance Check Form

Video Demonstration Disclaimer



Agent Benchmarking Survey (Rep Firm Principals Only)

Business Barometer Survey

Customer Service Survey

Market Forecast Survey

Rep Council Survey

Sales Meeting Survey



25 Must Have Apps for Reps


Tax and Succession Planning

Scott Brenner - MAFSI Benefit Provider

Smith Barney - MAFSI Benefit Provider

TIPS4REPS - MAFSI Benefit Provider


Territory Management

Territory and Time Management


Trade Shows

Liability Exposure Involved With Financial Support of Distributor Trade Shows

National Distributor Trade Show Financial Policy

National Trade Show Guideline

Regional/Dealer Trade Show Participation Request

Statement on Financial Support of Distributor Trade Shows

Trade Show Evaluation Form


Travel Services

Discounted Hotels/Lodging - Corporate Lodging -MAFSI Benefit Provider

Vehicle Leasing - First America - MAFSI Benefit Provider


Value of Reps

Common Questions about MAFSI Reps

Cost of Reps vs. Direct Sales Force

List of Services Reps Provide

Outsourcing the Sales Function - from MRERF - $

What Makes a MAFSI Rep Different?


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