Reps Wanted Listings

If you are a manufacturer looking for a rep, then MAFSI is your best resource. Bringing the best reps together with best manufacturers is at the core of MAFSI's mission.

We help you find top reps in North America with our Agents Wanted Service, where we will email your agents wanted ads to our network of more than 270+ rep agencies.  Our rep members represent a wide spectrum of foodservice products and allow you to pinpoint the expertise and market concentration you need.

The following Reps Wanted Services are included in your membership:

Reps Wanted Directory Listing

Instant Reps Wanted Email

  • Instant, personalized e-mail to all MAFSI rep members with your company's information.
  • Delivered within 48 hours of receipt. Please e-mail [email protected] to have your e-mail sent today!

Monthly Reps Wanted Service

  • Distributed by MAFSI Matters monthly e-newsletter, advertising all manufacturer members looking for agents to all MAFSI rep member firms.

As a manufacturer member of MAFSI, your also receive:

  • Access to the Online Locator where you can search for MAFSI Reps by using search categories such as company name, sales territory, other manufacturers represented, product group categories, customer base.

This Reps Wanted Service is only available to MAFSI manufacturers.

If you are not a manufacturer member please join MAFSI today.

Questions? Please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or [email protected].

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