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What Makes the following 270+ MAFSI Rep Agencies Different?

Experience: MAFSI REPS have decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the foodservice industry. They are the local market experts and being rooted geographically results in customer relationships built on stability and trust.

Cost and Time Savings: MAFSI REPS offer the most cost-effective and efficient means of reaching national, regional, and local markets. Because MAFSI REPS are the exclusive factory branch sales office in their territory and represent two or more manufacturers they offer greater product exposure while providing expert service to the time-challenged buyer.

Superior Sales Support: MAFSI REPS provide manufacturers and customers with a multi-faceted, multi-skilled, more experienced sales team which average nearly 1 to 1 support internally for each sales person in the field. MAFSI REPS have excellent industry connections and know the trends affecting their marketplace.

Customer Committed: As the local factory sales office for more than 800 foodservice manufacturers, MAFSI REPS, with their exceptional product knowledge and valuable insight, help successfully guide the customer through the conception, selection and acquisition phases of purchasing. Many MAFSI REPS have test/demo/mobile kitchens and showrooms where customers can sample products first hand.

Real Results: Manufacturers and customers can choose to work with a MAFSI REP with confidence as they demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, business acumen, technical competence and territorial continuity. MAFSI REPS are committed to delivering constant value to both the customer and the manufacturer.

If you are not a rep member of MAFSI, add your name to this list by joining today.

MAFSI Rep Firm Members:

4 Star Representatives Inc.

Food Equipment Rep Services, Inc.
(formerly Jim Law & Associates, Inc.)

 Pro-Quip Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

Abramson & DiBenedetto Marketing Group

Food Equipment Sales & Marketing Agents

Pro-Reps, Inc.

Acosta Cornerstone

Food Service Applications, Inc.

Pro/Line Marketing, Inc.

Adams Marketing & Sales

Food Service Innovation & Technology

Professional Manufacturers Representatives

Advanced Culinary Systems

Food Service Systems

Professional Reps

Advantage Marketing Group

Foodservice Equipment Agents, LLC

Prologic Food Equipment Group, llc

Agences Hamilton Agencies

Forbes, Hever & Wallace, Inc.

PT Sales, Inc.

Apex Commercial Kitchen Co.

Forlenza & Associates

R.Z. Marketing Group

Apex Marketing

Frain-Bovasso Associates, Inc.

Rabco Foodservice Limited

Applied Systems Marketing

Fredco Manufacturers' Representatives

Raleigh W. Johnson & Company

Arnott Distributors, Inc.

Gabriel Group, Inc.

Redco Foodservice Equipment, LLC

Associated Marketing Agents

Genesis Marketing Group, Inc.

Remegen Inc.

At Large Enterprises

George Davis & Associates

Rep Concepts LLC

B Square Enterprises

Gibbs & Associates, Inc.

Reps Inc.

Barringer High Country Marketing, Inc.

GMD Foodservice Marketing

RepSource US, Inc.

Belcarra Equipment Agencies, Ltd.

GMV Sales

RepsSouth, Inc.

Bethco AGencies Ltd.

Griffin Marketing Group, Inc.

RHI Solutions

Bill Dickie Enterprises

Hanna-Young & Associates, Inc.

Riccio Group Inc.

Bill Skiera & Associates

Hatch Jennings, Inc.

Riordan - Beshilas Marketing Group

Bob  Whaite & Associates

HCH, Inc.

Ritten Associates, Inc.

Bowerman Associates, Inc.

Heartland Reps, LLC

Roller & Associates

Brad Waller & Associates

High Sabatino Associates

Roy Siegel & Associates

Brittan Associates


Ruby and Company

BSE Keystone

Hollander Company

s3 Hospitality

BSE Marketing

Hospitality Reps Inc.

Sarrio Sales

Bum Contract Furniture Ltd.

HRI, Inc.

Schmid-Dewland Associates

Byrne & Associates, Inc.

Ignite Foodservice Solutions, Inc.

SCORE Sales and Marketing

C & H Marketing, Inc.

Inform Zone (Inform Marketing Group LLC)

Scott D. Riker

C.R. Peterson Associates, Inc.

 Integra Marketing, Inc.

Searles Associates, Inc.

Carman-Girard Associates

Intermountain Food Equipment

 Shamrock Foodservice Equipment Reps. Inc


J. Wilson Marketing Ltd.

 Sharkey & Associates

Carolina Marketing Inc.

Jackson and Associates, Inc.

Silver Eagle Marketing Company

 Caronna Commercial Kitchens

John Calarese & Co., Inc.

Simpson-Wilson, Ltd.

Celco Inc.

Johnson Commercial Agents

South Eastern Manufacturers' Agents, Inc.

Charles L. Burton Associates

Johnson Pike & Associates, Inc.

Southwest Foodservice Equipment Marketing

Chernoff Sales, Inc.

Joseph M. Todak Agency

Specialized Marketing of Wisconsin

Chesher Equipment, Ltd.

Kain-McArthur Inc.

Specialty Equipment Sales Company

Chrane Foodservice Solutions

Kaufmann & Associates

Spence Wells Associates

Claes & Greenoe Marketing Group

KBC Specialty Products, Inc.

Spoerl & Associates

Clark, Malone & Associates, Inc.


Spurry & Associates, Inc.

Clemens Profit Group

Ken W. Thomson Associates Ltd.

Squier Associates, Inc.

Clements-Stella Marketing

KLH Marketing, Inc.

Starliper & Associates

CLV Marketing

Koehler-Borden & Associates, Inc.

Steffan Associates

CNC Reps

Lahey & Associates

Sterling Sales & Marketing, LLC

Collis Group, Inc.

 Lehr McKeown Marketing, Inc.

 Stiefel Associates, Inc.

Commercial Kitchen Reps, Inc.

Les Agences Dinco Inc.

Sun Marketing Agents, Inc.

Copperfield Agencies Limited

Liberty Sales Group

Swanson-Girard & Associates

Courtney Marketing, Inc.

Link2 Hospitality Solutions


Cowan Associates

Long & Littleton, Inc.

TBA Sales/Capitol Seating

Crowley Marketing Associates

Lund-Iorio, Inc.

TD Marketing Company, Inc.

Culinary Equipment Group

M.K. Food Service Equipment

Tepper & Associates, Inc.

Cutting Edge Marketing Agents, Inc.

M-Line Marketing

The 2Market Group, Inc.

D.L.T. Sales, Inc.

MAC Sales and Marketing LTD.

The Buckingham Group

Dady & McCoy Sales

Main Street Marketing

The Burlis-Lawson Group

Dana Coastal Sales Marketing, Inc.

Mancini and Associates, Inc.

The Daly & DeRoma Group, Inc.

Dave Swain Associates, Inc.

Marjon & Associates, Inc.

The Fischer Group

Davis & Associates, Inc.


The Hansen Group

Demaine and Collis Group Inc.

Marketing Agents South, Inc.

The HGA Group, Inc.

Desert Peak Essentials

MarketSmart, Inc.

 The Jay Mark Group, Ltd.

 Dining Essentials

Markham Sales & Equipment, Inc.

The Redstone Group

DJ Marketing & Associates

Mason & Elmore Sales

The Schmid-Wilson Group

DMM Enterprises Reps, Inc.

Master Marketing

The Wallin Group, Inc.

Dorian Drake International

Maxwell-McKenney Inc.

The YES Group

Downing Management

McGirr, Inc.

Thormann Associates

DRC Marketing Group

Megcour Foodservice Inc.

TLC Marketing Inc.


Michael Irving & Associates

Tom Redditt Sales Agency

Duskie, Utsey & Associates, Inc.

Midwest Professional Reps, Inc.

Top O' The Table

Dynamic Equipment Solutions

Miller & Associates

Total Hospitality

Dynamic Marketing Group, Inc.

Mirkovich & Associates, Inc.

Total Source Equipment & Supply

E J Reps, Inc.

Moneuse Sales Agency, Inc.

Total Table Top Plus


monobloc LLC

TRC Marketing, Inc.

E-Source, Inc.

Nick Mavro & Associates, LLC

Tri-State Marketing Associates

E. Ruff & Associates, Inc.

Nor-Cal Reps

Unisource Marketing Group

E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Nordon, Inc.

Universal Marketing Ltd.

Eastern Food Service Equipment Corp.

North Star Agency, LLC

Vader & Landgraf, Inc.

EasyBar of Minnesota, Inc.

O'Neill Marketing Agents, LLC

Veitch Group

Eaton Marketing Associates, Inc.

One Source

Velkey & Associates

Eisner Rose Associates

OneSource Hospitality Inc.

Venture Cornerstone Sales

Elevation Rep's of the Rockies

Paglio & Associates, Inc.

Viola Marketing Group

Elite Foodservice Solutions

Paragon Marketing

Vision Food Systems Inc.

Elliott Horowitz Associates

Pardee, Freeman, Inc.

Voeller & Associates, Inc.

Ellsworth Marketing Associates

PCH Reps

W. D. Colledge Co., Ltd.

Equipment Preference, Inc. (E.P.I.)

Pecinka Ferri Associates

Walter Zebrowski Associates

Equipment Solutions, Inc.

Performance Food Equipment Group, Inc.

WB Marketing LLC

Ettinger-Rosini & Associates, Inc.

Performance Reps Northwest, Inc.

Weiss Wares Ltd

Evolve Foodservice Group d.b.a. YES Reps

Permul Ltd.

West Coast Food Service Marketing

Factory Resource, LLC.


Wiczek Marketing Inc.

Finn Marketing Group

PMR West

William Horn & Associates

Five Star Associates, Inc.

Posternak Bauer Aitkenhead Cantamessa

Wm. L. Daniels Company

F.G. Publicover & Associates, Inc.

Preferred Marketing Agents, Inc.


Flanagan Agencies Inc.

Preferred Marketing Group

Woolsey & Associates, Inc.

Florida Agents, Inc.

Premier Equipment Group, Inc.

Wyllie Marketing

Florida REPS, Inc.

Premier Marketing Group

York Hospitality & Gaming, Inc.


Premier Marketing Group, Inc.

Young Block Associates

Focus Hospitality Sales LLC

PRF Marketing, Inc.

Young Equipment Solutions, Inc.

Food Equipment Representatives, Inc.

Pro-Pacific Agents, Inc.

Zink Foodservice Group dba Zink Marketing, Inc.





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