Who We Are

altAt MAFSI we are 2,400 Proud. For over 66 years, MAFSI has proudly served the needs of 2,400 sales and marketing professionals who share an unbridled enthusiasm and commitment to the commercial foodservice industry and to the rep-manufacturer method of marketing...and we're growing every day.

Our members are a major force in the 10 billion dollar equipment, supply, tabletop and furniture segment of the foodservice industry.

We are home to 275 Professional Rep Agencies and 1,680 Feet on the street; all proud to be MAFSI Reps.

Fundamental to our success are our 260 Manufacturer Members who are proud of the way they go to market with 80% of the overall manufacturers in the industry choosing MAFSI reps to market their products.

There is no limit to what can be accomplished when so many join together. Simply put, there is power in numbers.

MAFSI is the catalyst and only advocate for rep-manufacturer method of marketing in the commercial foodservice industry. We are the industry's definitive sales and marketing resource for all equipment, supply, tabletop and furniture reps and manufacturers and the one voice for both in North America.

We consistently work with our members to provide the customer and the industry with a steady stream of skilled sales and marketing talent and innovative products. We know that tomorrow's foodservice industry is whatever we want it to be.

Our primary member is the factory sales’ representative agency or MAFSI REPS whose role is to professionally market foodservice equipment, supplies, tabletop and furniture for their manufacturers, on a wholesale basis, and serve as the local factory branch office for the dealer and operator communities (see foodservice industry map at right). 

Because of the interdependent relationship between manufacturers and representatives, MAFSI is as also committed to the 800 manufacturers that serve our industry - 260+ of which are associate members of the association.

Fundamental to manufacturers, of course, is to deliver their product to market in the most efficient and thorough method. More than 80% of the brand names the foodservice industry buys are marketed through MAFSI REPS. We strongly believe that the independent representative is more closely in touch with market trends affecting dealers, consultants, service agents and end users than any other segment in our industry’s various distribution channels. They truly are the window to the marketplace.

What Our Members Do

MAFSI REPS spend their day calling on all facets of the industry with the purpose of lending their specific product knowledge and experience to the foodservice community.  

MAFSI REPS work directly with the local foodservice dealers, consultants, and end user operators as the product specialist and consultative sales agent. Think of MAFSI REPS as specialists that the dealer and consultant rely upon as they execute their work. We support both – we replace neither. Representatives also advocate customer issues with their manufacturers and dealers to ensure that the operator is receiving exactly what they are demanding.

On behalf of their manufacturers, MAFSI REPS exclusively represent approximately 12-18 product manufacturers in their defined marketing territory. There are typically 10-20 MAFSI REP local factory sales offices in each marketing territory (please see MAFSI Region map at left).

altMAFSI REPS typically employ 3 to 4 field representatives, 2 to 3 inside customer service people and often have showrooms and test kitchens to assist customers in project planning. It is not uncommon for MAFSI REPS to also have on staff chefs to assist the customers´ culinary team with menu planning and preparation and cooking procedures unique to specialized equipment such as blast chillers and combi ovens.

Our members’ broad range of services are available to customers at no expense. Our members’ field reps, their customer service staff, their facilities and their years of specialized experience are available to customers at no charge because they are paid by the manufacturers. Over 80% of foodservice manufacturers utilize the professional sales and marketing services of independent manufacturers’ representatives. Manufacturers have found that hiring independent, commission based, sales professionals provide better results for themselves and their customers.

Value Added Resource for the Customer

MAFSI REPS can be a tremendously cost-effective resource. Below are just a few examples of how MAFSI REPS can bring value for their customers:

  • Assistance with conception, selection and acquisition phases of purchasing
  • End User Specifications
  • Quotations
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Equipment Demonstration & Start Up
  • Menu planning and assistance with preparation and cooking procedures
  • Operator Advocate - to the manufacturer
  • Literature Updates
  • New Product Introduction and Education
  • Service Coordination
  • Tracking & Follow Up
  • Freight Claims
  • Order Entry & Tracking
  • Installation Supervision
  • Returns

Customers can call upon MAFSI REPS to provide accurate and specific information germane to the product lines they represent—once again at no charge.  The representative’s knowledge ranges from technical aspects of a piece of equipment to application, installation, maintenance and service.  MAFSI REPS are typically second and third generation food service veterans, who have grown up in the industry, and who have spent a lifetime mastering all aspects of the products they represent. 

What MAFSI Membership Means for You

MAFSI provides a number of services to support our members including training and education, business management, sales and marketing and technology, industry policy development including ethical standards development, liaison with other industry groups, annual conferences, personal networking opportunities, industry data such as our Business Barometer Survey, Demographic Survey and communication through our monthly email newsletter, MAFSI Matters. Our purpose is to elevate the business and ethical practices of our members. In doing so, they willbetter serve their manufacturers, dealers, operators and the industry. 

As an association, MAFSI’s core focus is to champion the distinctive value of the independent manufacturers’ sales agent and strengthen the relationships between reps and manufacturers. As a result, we have optimized the MAFSI REPS and manufacturers role in the foodservice industry by:

  • Establishing the independent sales agent as an indispensible component.
  • Promoting the effectiveness and expertise of MAFSI REPS to manufacturers, distributors and operators.
  • Supplying members with an environment to meet, exchange ideas, strategize and join forces to resolve key industry challenges.
  • Uniting members through regional chapters across North America to work on the most important industry initiatives.
  • Defining and publishing best practices guidelines.
  • Providing innovative educational programming and professional development opportunities.
  • Offering exclusive resources and benefits to our members.

If you have any questions regarding MAFSI, please contact us today at (404) 214-9474 or info@mafsi.org

If you are interested becoming a member, click on Agent/Rep Membership information or Associate/Manufacturer Membership information.